Your own band

Got the guts, but no talent? We don't care: grab your moment!

Pick a song from the list with hits and register. Registration is also possible via one of the Karaoketeam whoppers in the cool, green glitter jackets! Get ready to shine on stage. You will be performing with your own band in no time!

The lyrics are projected on screens in front of and behind you, so that truly everyone can sing along. If you can't figure it all out, we'll just help you finish the song. Jouw Moment Karaokeband adapts to your wishes like a chameleon. Do you want to sing an extra chorus? Totally fine. We play an extra chorus.

Ramses keeps things rhythmically tight on the drums and Rik gets the most diverse sounds from his keys. Togehter, they approach each song with great precision and danceability. Perhaps you're wondering how it's possible just two musicians are able to create such a sound. But that is only a sideshow, because it's all about you after all. 

You ar the evening's star!

Wanna shine on stage?


Keys | The Left one

Rik has his sounds all lined up. With his Moog and Nord keys, it is really all about letting his 10 fingers lay down the maximum possible to ensure optimal pleasure on your side. This encyclopedia incarnate plays everything you want, without hesitation and directly from his head. To pass the time, Rik has a side job at the hospital as a doctor. With his soothing smile he is the perfect medicine for your stage fright!


Drums | The right one

Ramses does not tolerate any changes of tempo. Tight as a flamingo in higher realms. That's exactly how every groove he lays down feels. A born lawyer who, when forced by the person singing on stage or Rik, defies the law of four-four time. Don't give Ramses a reason to play a 7/8 beat, otherwise chances are you'll never be able to suppress the urge of dancing with him to a time signature you actually don't understand at all.